microCMS Features

All of the Current Features for the microCMS version 1.5

The microCMS is a Class Driven, method powered Content Management System that includes a multitude of features and options.

On the Front End

Post or Blogs, with Likes and Commenting

Plugins with public content, loaded automatically after they have been activated, and displayed based on your sites navigation links

Comes with a Current Bootstrap Core theme for you to use and tailor to your needs

Comes with the PHP Sentry front end plugin and Example Plugin

Admin Dashboard

An Overview or Snap Shot of the activity on your site.

Post Management, for you to manage all of your blogging needs.

Plugin Management, for managing what plugins are in use on your site and adding new plugins and deleting plugins.

Security Management, Overview of what Bans you have in place and what Countries they come from and more.

Settings Management, for you to manage your site settings, Main Settings, Mail Server Settings, Social Media and Maintenance Settings.

Theme Management, allows you to manage what theme is used on your site.

Update Management, checks your current version against our Control System, if an update is availabe, the option to download it presented. Currently auto-updates are not available. Expect this in 1.5.2.

Users Management, allows you to manage the users on your site.



PHP-Sentry or Sentry has been integrated into the Core of the microCMS.

Soon there will be an option for you to add your own HTTPBL Key should you take the security of your site seriously.

Sentry guards your site with very minimal impact, when a visitor loads your site, they are checked and banned if found to be a bad actor.


If your a front-end developer, meaning you have experience creating html pages, then building a theme for the microCMS should come very easy for you.

If your not a front-end developer, it's still quite easy.

Check out the Core Bootstrap theme that comes with the microCMS to get started.

Got a great theme that you want to share? Very soon we will have an option for you to host it with us.


Creating a plugin to host content on your microCMS site has never been easier, we include an Example Plugin for you to get started with.

Plugins can be anything, from static to dynamic content, it's completely up to you so long as it does not interfere with the Core of the microCMS.

Got a great plugin that you want to share? Very soon we will have an option for you to host it with us.

SEO Friendly

We created the microCMS to be easy for Google, Bing and others to crawl and index your site.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a tricky business but we take care of that for you.

Small Footprint

The footprint is just the amount of space that it takes on your web server.

WordPress Core: 50MB
Drupal Core: 28MB
MicroCMS Core: 9MB

Some hosting providers will complain if you exceed a certian amount of space, we designed the microCMS to be small.

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