Example Plugin

This is an example plugin for the microCMS

Version 0.1.2

Why it was created

It was made with love, to demonstrate how to create a simple plugin for the microCMS.

Of course, it can be extended to build bigger and better with more functionality. That is entirely up to you.

By all means, please use this Example Plugin as a basis for all of your plugin creations. It's a great way to start getting you familiar with our Plugin Codex.

Example Plugin Contents

What it comes with

This example plugin comes with it's init.php file that holds the variables for this plugin when it gets added and acvtivated.

It includes example-plugin.php that acts like a switch for your content will should be kept in the public folder and your adminstrative features should be in the admin folder. All of your Pages are linked in the main file for the plugin.

By following the example of this example plugin, you will know how the plugin system works.

One can learn from the simplest of things!

Did you know, that you can learn PHP just by trying your hand at simple plugins? or even themes?

That is basically part of why the microCMS was created. To teach.

By coding simple things, and understanding what it is that you are creating, you learn and eventually move on to bigger and better things, but please, never look down on the others who are just starting to learn.

"Code is like Poetry, not everyone is good at it, but everyone can learn how to do it"


Believe it or not, this plugin was written by a student, on day one of learning PHP :)

MD5 Hash: 95b498eeaf53dfad1003aff02f8c2e9f

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