microCMS Delopment Status


Core is comprised of Settings, Core Methods, Blog Methods, Database Methods Sentry Security Methods and Routing Methods

What is does is run the entire core of the site, and gets interacted with by a functions file in mc-includes that acts as a front-end for all back-end methods.

Notice: Although the file structure does follow the WordPress way of doing things, this is not a rewrite of or a new version of WordPress, the microCMS itself has been under development for years and has never strived to be another WordPress CMS.

  • Settings 100%
  • Core 100%
  • Posts 100%
  • Database 100%
  • Sentry 100%
  • Routing 100%

Admin Dashboard

As with every CMS, there comes a dashboard

The microCMS Dashboard acts as a site all by itself but utilizes the methods from the functions file to do its job.

  • Posts 100%
  • Plugins 100%
  • Sentry 100%
  • Settings 100%
  • Themes 100%
  • Updates 100%
  • Users 100%
  • Site Health 0%

External API

The microCMS Control Server

Its purpose is to handle Version and Update Control

  • Sentry For PHP-Sentry with microCMS and External Websites 90%
  • microCMS 50%
  • API 30%

Development Site

Where the microCMS is staged 100%

Codex Site

Where the Codex is accessible for developers 0%

Project Storage and Git

This project originally started being stored on Github but as of late we have kept the code stored internally on an internal git server for quality control. We push current code to Github once a day, which is where we hope to have other Developers take an interest in and participate in, the development of this project.

If you do have an interest in jumping on the Dev team for this project, please start here

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